The inspiration for Katey’s silverware derives from her strong interest in the creases found in natural forms such as shells, fruits and skin.

Her works reflect the flowing curves and seductive forms that are pleasing to the eye. She realizes her designs after studying nature and making metal prototypes, before they are carried through into finished pieces.

The Process
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The process
First step

The three dimensional form is produced by hand-raising or spinning the metal sheet.

After designing and making a specially prepared nylon chuck, the metal is then spun over the form using various spinning tools.

The process
Second step

The piece is then set into hot pitch which enables it to be held in place while form or decoration is hammered into the surface.

chased image repousse image repousse image

To model the metal into three dimensional forms, Katey handworks sheet metal using the techniques of chasing and repoussé. Chasing is a technique used to incise a linear pattern into sheet metal. Repoussé then gives form to the sheet by hammering a series of punches between the chased lines. These two techniques cooperate to develop the form to completion.

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The process
Third step

Each piece is individually hand formed and every hammer mark is struck with careful consideration.

Direct contact with the tool is clearly visible, adding to the unique quality of each piece. One of the special characteristics of chasing is the ability to watch the form evolve and continually refine the piece as the work progresses.